Now on sale the brochure of the exhibition Vincenzo Castella - Inside Deisha Camp Bethlehem 2007-2016. You can also consult the list of the last catalogue or brochure produced on our exhibitions (David Simpson - Wall toys for adults, Gabriele Basilico, Iran 1970- Basilico prima di Basilico, Carlo Battaglia - mare... ecc.) and buy them by clicking HERE

Sunday, July 17th at 20:30 open the exhibition Why pattern? inside the event Arte in Centro. The event features a number of artists, Italian and international, who have identified the sound dimension as privileged side of his research for the occasion Roberto Pugliese will present the work Acustiche derive visionarie.
July 17 - September 11, 2016 | Conservatorio di Pescara, Pescara

Now on sale the brochure of the exhibition David Simpson - Wall toys for adults. You can also consult the list of the last catalogue or brochure produced on our exhibitions (Gabriele Basilico, Iran 1970- Basilico prima di Basilico, Carlo Battaglia - mare..., Jacob Hashimoto 16.05.2015) and buy them by clicking HERE

Marco Meneguzzo explains the exhibition “iononrappresentonullaiodipingo”, held in my gallery in 1973, which was perhaps the first in which was revealed the kind of thinking about painting that today is known as “Analytical Painting”, and that then also had the names of “New Painting” or “Pittura pittura”.
Visit the page dedicated to the painting of the 1970s

Thursday, June 30, 2016, at 6:00 p.m., will inaugurate the exhibition: David Simpson – Works from the 1980s - curated by Marco Meneguzzo - and a Summer Show which will exhibit a selection of works by artists of the gallery.
The video room will be devoted to the works by the American David Simpson. We will be presenting for the first time in Italy his very special works from the 1980s: pieces in which the balance of colour has been engineered by the artist with the help of sharply-defined geometric forms. During the opening, Marco Meneguzzo presents the American artist English monograph: David Simpson, Works 1965-2015, published by Radius Books, with texts by Louis Grachos, Jonathon Keats, Kenneth Baker and David Simpson. The book is an explanatory summary of the artist's works created between 1965 and 2015.

Studio la Città is pleased to inform you that at Forte Belvedere, Lavarone, there will be opening a show by Antonio Ievolella as part of the project ARTE FORTE “La Babele di linguaggi e di simboli legati ai conflitti” (ARTE FORTE “The Babel of languages and symbols linked to war”) which, from 8 July to 28 August, will involve eight Austro-Hungarian forts, where 16 galleries will exhibit the work by 30 artists, a project conceived by Giordano Raffaelli, with the participation of ASPART, the gallery association of the Trento region, and ANGAMC, the national association of modern and contemporary galleries. This wide-ranging exhibition is part of the event titled “Sentinelle di Pietra. Di forte in forte sul Sentiero della Pace” (Sentinels of Stone. From Fort to Fort along the Path of Peace), curated by the circuit of forts in the Trento region, a network promoted by the autonomous regional government of Trento, in collaboration with the Museo Storico del Trentino foundation, under the direction of Giuseppe Ferrandi.
July 10 - August 28, 2016 | Forte Belvedere, Lavarone

Opens on Saturday June 25, 2016, in some of the most beautiful historic buildings of Siena, the exhibition Che il vero possa confutare il falso- curated by Luigi Fassi and Alberto Salvadori -, which shows some artworks by 40 artists (such as Steven Roden and Jonathan Seliger) included in AGIVERONA Collection of Giorgio and Anna Fasol.
June 25 - October 16, 2016 | Palazzo Pubblico / Santa Maria della Scala / Accademia dei Fisiocritici, Siena

Opens on June 10, 2016 the second stage of the exhibition organized on the occasion of the VAF Foundation Prize at the Stadtgalerie (Kiel). Roberto Pugliese, together with other young Italian artists, exhibits some of his most representative artworks: Critici ostinati ritmici (2010) and Quintetto (2016).
Photo: VII Premio Fondazione VAF, installation view MACRO Testaccio, Rome, courtesy Fondazione VAF, photo Simon d’ Exéa.
June 10 - August 28, 2016 | Stadtgalerie, Kiel

The exhibition Zeit-Reise shows a few works of the journey to Venice of J.M.W. Turner and still life by Hiroyuki Masuyama which will be related with the works of the Dutch landscape painter B.C. Koekkoek. For more information click here
July 3 - October 23, 2016 | Museum B.C. Koekkoek-Haus, Kleve

Now on sale the catalogue of David Simpson, entitled David Simpson, Works 1965-2015. Published by Radius Books and printed by Editorial Bortolazzi - Stei , it contains the essays by Louis Grachos, Jonathon Keats, Kenneth Baker and David Simpson in English. The catalogue is an explanatory summary of the artist's works created between 1965 and 2015 and exhibited in major galleries and private collections. To purchase click here

Now on sale the catalogue of the exhibition Un racconto in sei stanze at Palazzo Barbò (Torre Pallavicina). The catalogue contains a conversation between Angela Madesani, exhibition curator, and Hélène de Franchis. To purchase click here

In 2011 Vincenzo Castella and Hema Upadhyay met during an exhibition and were able to discuss their respective works: large cities observed through Castella’s anthropological eye, and Indian megacities coagulated in the social observations of Upadhyay as seen in her large installations about multi-ethnic slums.
The affinity between the two artists was such that the natural conclusion of their conversation was the promise to share an exhibition in which the idea of cities was to be examined. The project could not be completed due to Hema Upadhyay’s sudden passing away, but Vincenzo Castella wanted to fulfil his promise and to pay tribute to Hema by creating a show next to the Indian artist’s large-scale work Where the bees suck, there suck I...: it can be seen in the rooms of Studio la Città until 18 June.
It was in this way that Il Corpo Della Città, was born, the result of the promise that was made and has now been honoured: a back-to-back exhibition of works by two artists, works that question and observe each other close-up.
May 21 - September, 2016 | Studio la Città, Verona

On Saturday May 21 will open the exhibition titled Foreignness [Estericità], a curatorial, multidisciplinary, two-year project, developed by the artistic director Franco Marinotti in the new La Fabbrica del Cioccolato Foundation (Switzerland) and it aims at protecting and maintaining the architectural and archaeological heritage of the former industrial complex Cima Norma, established in Torre-Dangio village at the beginning of 20th century. On this occasion, Anna Galtarossa, shows her artwork Kamchatka’16 it is a journey through the fantasy of imagination. It is a single, large work that alternates dreams with reality by moving the viewers through a world that is as visionary as it is real.
The whole façade of the factory will be covered by the ephemeral architecture of Paper Building by Daniel González.
May 21 - August 1, 2016 | Kamchakta ’16 - Anna Galtarossa | La Fabbrica del Cioccolato Foundation – Switzerland
May 21 - September 30, 2016 | Paper Building di Daniel González | La Fabbrica del Cioccolato Foundation – Switzerland

Nick Cave is one of the protagonists of the exhibition Tra Arte e Moda (Across Art and Fashion), promoted and organized by Fondazione Ferragamo and Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, which open on 18th May 2016 and reflects the complex relationship between art and style.
May 19, 2016 – April 7, 2017 | Museo Salvatore Ferragamo (Florence)

Now on sale the photo album of the exhibition Esther Mathis - Isolated Systems.. You can also consult the list of the last album produced on our exhibitions (Jacob Hashimoto - Never Comes Tomorrow, Gabriele Basilico - Iran 1970: Basilico prima di Basilico, Eelco Brand - Animatio, iononrappresentonullaiodipingo, Carlo Battaglia - mare..., Il tesoro misterioso ecc.) and buy them by clicking HERE

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Saturday March 5, 2016, at 11:30 am, will open the exhibition Tribute to Hema Upadhyay - "Where the bees suck, there suck I" in which a selection of photos by Michele Alberto Sereni - titled Hema, la principessa indiana - tell the work of the artist recently died. In fact, dominating the gallery’s main room will be one of her most representative works: Where the bees suck, there suck I, the great bucket above a myriad of tiny, multi-coloured shacks, exhibited at the Rome MACRO in 2008; Studio la Città and the Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, in 2010; and the Tennis Museum, Helsinki, in 2011.

Giulio Paolini's work Quam Raptim ad Sublimia will be seen in the show Imagine. Nuove immagini nell’arte italiana 1960-1969, from 13 April to 19 September at the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation in Venice. This exhibition, curated by Luca Massimo Barbero, intends to trace a first ideal map of the art research that characterised the 1960s and that used a new idea of figuration and images.
23 APRIL - 19 SEPTEMBER 2016 | Peggy Guggenheim Collection | VENICE

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